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Here at the Joy of Health Clinic our vision is to help you to regain your health using natural methods. As pain is the number 1 presenting symptom, Joy's main method of treatment is McTimoney Chiropractic, but as a fully qualified aromatherapist she can also recommend oils for a range of situations, from helping you meditate and relax to keeping awake and mentally alert for exams. Joy may recommend exercise regimes depending on your current fitness levels and recommend someone who will be able to help you increase your fitness, from gentle Pilates or yoga to more strenuous workouts with a Personal Trainer.

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So much of our work environments also affect our comfort levels, so advice may be given that will help you identify situations at work that may be contributing to your symptoms, and suggest ergonomic office solutions to help you whilst you are at work, whether that is in employment or home office.

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Many of today's illnesses and diseases are caused by diet and lifestyle, and here at A Joy of Health we will help you identify the foods that are contributing to ill health and recommend and supply nutritional supplements by Proto-col. Our top main seller is Green Magic, which is so good for so many reasons and it has so many health benefits. Have a look in our shop for all the ingredients and how they could help you to feel healthier.


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About Joy GillJoy trained as a McTimoney Chiropractor, qualifying in 1998, after 20 years in Nursing. Whilst nursing     she travelled to Canada and Australia, working with the Indigenous people in the Outback. It was here  that she first realised that other cultures have survived for a very long time without Western medicine and especially drugs, and had a completely different view on what it meant to be Healthy.


On returning from Australia, she returned to nursing, but became disillusioned when she saw the same people return to hospital time after time, taking little responsibility for their own health.  She set about looking to train in a complementary therapy, initially to integrate into nursing, but the NHS was not really open to the intergration in 1993, so after a long battle, she left full time nursing in 2000.


She trained as a massage therapist and Aromatherapist in 1993, before starting her training to become a McTimoney Chiropractor at the beginning of 1994. "It is a step that I have never regretted. Being a McTimoney Chiropractor allows me to do all the things that I wanted to do as a Nurse but couldn’t, that is spend time getting to know my patients, explore why they have a problem that they have sought help for, and give them advice and treatment." she says. "My nursing experience helps me enormously in my job now, but I am more fulfilled being a McTimoney Chiropractor."


Joy qualified in 1998 ( after taking a year out from her studies to have a baby), and worked in Wiltshire on qualifying. For 8 years she had a clininc in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, but in 2008 she relocated to Scotland.


Since moving to Scotland she has set up and runs A Joy of Health Clinic in Ayr, South Ayrshire.



She has treated 2 babies with “flathead syndrome” (plagiocephaly), and worked closely with the team in Glasgow who fit Starband TM helmets for these babies.


She has also treated adults with more common complaints, such as sciatica, back and neck pain and headaches, and many an adult who has developed symptoms following a road traffic accident, often years after the original event. Joy comments, " it never ceases to amaze me, the number of people that come in to me saying that they had a minor accident years ago, but they didn't damage themselves. When asked if there was damage done to the car they reply yes, and they all have the dents taken out of the vehicle, but few of them got themselves checked out. The same force that went into the car, has also gone into and through their body! This inevitably leads to misalignments in their spine, leading to aches and pains, most commonly headaches. When it is pointed out to them they then realise that their headaches started soon after their collision!"

 Chiropractic clinic

Joy spoke about the Role that McTimoney Chiropractic can play in helping the Pregnant Woman achieve a Natural Childbirth, at the NCT Roadshow which was held in  February 2009,at Alloway Parish Church Halls.


Joy works with expectant Mums, and works closely with Rosie Wood from Daisy Birthing.


Joy regularly gives talks to the Guild, and attends local shows, including Holistic Health Shows as well as The Ayr Flower Show. She is currently working with Saxen Ltd, a local company who provide ergonomic solutions for the work-place, in their campaign "Can Work Damage Your Health" as one of their professionals. This went live in May 2013.


Joy is a Member of the United Chiropractic Association, and is Registered with the General Chiropractic Council, Reg No 01177

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